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How to Perform a Cash Flow Analysis

How to Perform a Cash Flow Analysis as an SME

As a small business, you might wonder whether you need a cash flow analysis, or you might not know what one is at all. If the latter is true, this is to be expected! Unless you’ve performed a cash flow analysis before, you’re not to know what they are or how they work. In this article, you’ll learn what a cash flow analysis is, why they’re important and how to perform one. The ultimate cash flow analysis guide for any small business!

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Cash Flow Warning Signs

3 Cash Flow Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

A cash flow crisis can sneak up on you. If you’ve got a forecast, you receive your payments and you can pay all your overheads and expenses (even if a bit late) then what’s the problem? Cash flow issues are stressful, unnecessary, and put a lot of strain on your business. Here are 3 cash flow warning signs you shouldn’t ignore.

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Cash Flow for Start-Ups

Starting a business? Here’s how to get cash flow right first time…

Start-ups often have so much going on, cash flow management falls to the bottom of the pile. Focusing on Sales, Marketing, Operations, Logistics and more, start-ups tend to focus on the more exciting areas of the business than forecasts and budget trackers. But this can lead to problems later down the line. Discover our top tips for getting start-up cash flow right first time.

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cash flow forecasting

The Importance of Creating a Cash Flow Forecast

With various outgoings associated with every small business – the profits can quickly dwindle and the remaining cash in your business could be less than you think. This is where cash flow forecasting comes in. Find out how cash flow forecasting can benefit your business…

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