A 5 minute read that could change the way you recruit and retain your staff

With a reported shortage in the talent pool, many employers are finding it difficult to find and keep the right candidate for the job in hand.

CEO of The Finance People Anita Tweats gives her top tips on how to identify great candidates in a competitive world.

“Talent Now reported earlier in the year that 44% of businesses planned to hire more full time staff in 2018 and 51% were looking for temps. However, half of the people asked said there was a lack in the qualified talent they were looking for.

So how do you identify those people and convince them they’d be better off working for you than their current employer?

First of all, I think it’s so, so important to have an understanding of exactly the position you want to fill in the company. What does it look like, what kind of skills are needed to fill the gap, and equally important, what personality type would be a good fit for your company culture? Because people are more likely to thrive in an environment they feel happy and valued in.

For example, we deal with Finance Controllers and Finance Directors. You shouldn’t bring a mid-level accountant in and expect them to work to the same standard as an FC or FD and equally you can’t bring a senior finance professional in if all you need is a few tax returns filing. People look for job satisfaction as much as you look for competency and if they can’t live up to their role or they’re doing a job which feels like a step backwards for them, you’re not very likely to hold on to them for long. Meaning you have to start the whole laborious task of recruiting for the same role again.

By taking the time to make sure both you and potential candidates have a clear understanding of the job and what’s required of them, you have a better chance of securing the right person early on, saving you time.

So now you know the person you want, how do you find them?

There are plenty of avenues to go down and really you should be using a combination. First of all, spread the word within the company and using your connections – LinkedIn is a great example. You can’t beat good old fashioned word of mouth and recommendations from people you know.

However, wins from this aren’t always successful. Working with a recruitment agency which is specifically targeted at the industry you’re in is always going to work best. We have had so many successes and that’s because we look specifically for finance people, or even more explicitly, Finance Directors or Finance Controllers. And because, we were all finance people ourselves before we became recruiters, we have a firm understanding of the wants and needs of both our clients and candidates. By choosing a specialised recruitment company you’re less likely to get someone with the wrong qualifications and skills.

I pride myself on being able to match up the right finance person with the perfect company, placing them where I know they will do an excellent job. Often it means spending time with the company and giving them a finance audit to truly understand what they need. Sometimes they think they have to have a Finance Director and sometimes someone more junior could do the job, saving them a lot of money. I also often find that a company has a great amount of potential for saving money, raising finance and managing a finance function better, and by employing a senior finance person, they could achieve this and more.

It does help to shop around and if you can, find a recruiter that is invested and truly wants to make sure you find the perfect candidate, not just any candidate, then you’ll be on to a winner.”

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