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The importance of a good banking relationship

Let’s face it: bank managers and funding providers can be demanding.

While you’re busy trying to grow your business, they want regular updates, management information, financial statements, and endless reports. Things which businesses really have to carve out the time to deliver.

However, when you invest in your banking relationship, your bank is more likely to invest in you. Whether that’s with favourable interest rates and loan terms, or in a more personal sense, opening doors to the banker’s own professional network.

So what can you do to nurture your business banking relationship, without taking your eye off your everyday business activities?

The answer, we believe, is in outsourcing.

How The Finance People can help

Want your banking relationship to enable business growth? The more your bank knows about your business, the better.

Of course, sharing regular updates and conducting annual reviews of business plans, financial statements, profits, tax returns and more can take time.

But when you outsource this job to the experts at The Finance People, you can deliver all the right information, as and when your bank requires it.

Our experts can support your business by:

  • Managing the banking relationship from day one
  • Reviewing your funding streams and recommending alternatives to reduce costs and/or interest
  • Communicating regularly with key people within your organisation to foster strong, transparent relationships
  • Ensuring that your bank always receives timely and accurate management information

What are the benefits of outsourcing?

Outsource the management of your business banking relationship to The Finance People, and you’ll benefit from:

  • Expert support from finance specialists
  • A flexible resource you can turn on and off, as needed
  • Independent, unbiased perspective from outside your business
  • A cost-effective solution to managing your banking relationship
  • All the perks of a strong relationship with your bank: from more favourable fees, interest rates and loan terms, to the cash flow benefits of having funding there when you need it.

"When you invest in your banking relationship, your bank is more likely to invest in you"

Need help managing your business banking relationship?

A good relationship with your bank can help your business grow.

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