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The Finance People - Manage your cash flow for business stability

Manage your cash flow for business stability

It’s true to say that most businesses that fail do so because they run out of money. This is down to how they’ve managed their cash flow which more often than not – is incorrectly.

A robust cash flow management system will prevent this and a solid finance professional will be able to put this into place.

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tax planning

Tax Planning

For many SMEs tax planning for business is one of the most challenging aspects for those starting and growing a business. Finance professionals offer a level of expertise which will bring clarity to this complex subject, advising on those fair and legal structures which can mitigate tax and result in future savings.

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Paul Watson with Karen Creavin

New finance match-making company launches

Finance specialist Anita Tweats has launched a brand new business offering finance experts that organisations in the UK can count on.

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